Infusion Plaster

It consists of cloth(PE film), medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and
absorbent pad.

Performance and Characteristic:
Permeability: it make the skin breathe naturally and excrete water, air and sweat, and also reduce the chance of infection
Transparence: allows monitoring the insertion site without the need to remove the infusion plaster(PE film).
Tear easily: easy to rip, easy to apply, enhances the working efficiency.
Adaptation: gentle and thin material for improved confor mance to body contours.
Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity for reliable fixation, not to irritate and hurt the skin when remove the plaster.
Range of Apply:
Used for injection, blood transfusion, blood collection and fixing I.V. cannula.
Size: 7x3.5cm, 7x4cm etc.