Transparent Dressing Paste


Product description:

Transparent dressing paste product with self-adhesive

permeability, high elasticity, hypoallergenic and proper

viscidity etc. characterist widely uses in the venous transfusion

and wound protection, it have a well welcome of general medical

worker and patient's, the spare product of wound nursing in

modern family.

Performance and Characteristic:

• Super-thin, high elasticity it allows product to conform even to highly contoured parts of the body. And allowing a total liberty of movements.

• Transparence allows monitoring the insertion site and wound without the need to remove or damage the dressing permeability make the skin breathe naturally and provide an ideal environment for wound treatment.

• Water and bacteria proof can keep water, bacteria and dirt out so you may continue with your daily routine(bathe, swim etc).

• No viscosity of the absorbent pad with perforated polyethylene film avoid sticking on the wound and allow to remove it without pain, no injury and no allergy, high absorbent power can absorb the effusion and it is easy to tear when change a new one.

• Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity for reliable fixation and not to irritate and hurt the skin when remove the plaster.

Range of Apply:

• Use for the Vein I.Vs and pipe nursing, wound nursing and protection, Family waterproofing surgical and dressing.

• Size: 6x7cm. 10x12cm.etc.